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Its been a year

I was just informed it has been a year since I updated my blog. 

This was not news to me. The exact amount of time that passed was, but the fact that there was a piece of material here on the internet festering and aging and gathering dust was always in my mind. “I have to get around to updating that blog,” I would say, before deciding to get on Pintrist to look at blogs I liked much better than my own. I guess I figured that no one really noticed. 

A lot has happened in a year. Vine was invented and instagram lets you put videos on there now. That’s pretty much it. 

I am going to start updating this now. Right after I get done pinning these wreaths on my “craft’s I’ll never do” board. 

ps. Its been a while since you’ve seen me. I look like this now. 



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I have moved to


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Sometimes we all just need to take a break from life, ya know? We need to indulge in some “me time”. When I do this it usually involves one of 3 elements: old movies, ice cream and laying around with my dog. This combination makes for a comforting weekend, but recently I discovered a fourth element.

The blanket fort.

comes highly recommended

Push two chairs together, drape a blanket over then, add pillows, a comforter and a very sleepy 25 year old.

my weekend home

I must have stayed in this thing for hours. I watched a few of my favorites, some not listed under the “Movie’s I love” tab above. I treated myself to some “12 Angry Men” and some episodes of “I Love Lucy”. I ate dinner in this thing. It slowly became my cocoon. Eventually I had to rejoin society, but I did get in plenty of bonding time with my lab, Colonel.

Need some time alone? Two words: Blanket. Fort.


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Last Weekend…

I performed with Rob Little and Andy Woodhull at The Funnybone. 

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I cheated on you, WordPress. It was only for a while and I promise it didn’t mean anything to me. I went over to Square Space to blog, and while I liked their format, they were a bit too needy for me ($15 or more a month).

You are what I love, WordPress. I will continue to shower you with love in the form of posts, unless something younger and fresher comes along… in which I promise to only look and not to touch, unless you are into that sort of thing.

took some time off to become a farmer

More posts to come, sorry for the break!  Thank you to my loyal fans for sticking with me! By loyal fans, I mean my dad and that guy from Russia.

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