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Comic of the Day

I am the comic of the day on www.rooftopcomedy.com ! Go there and look at it before it becomes tomorrow and I am no longer significant!

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Yesterday I drove 3 hours to enter an all female comedy contest, and I made it into the finals!


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For all you twilight folks out there, here was a little project I was involved in. Share around!

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Po' House. Pun intended.


This was my first time in Baltimore.   

While roadtripping it to Washington D.C. we figured we would hit a couple of other spots on the way back. I asked people on my Facebook what I should do in Baltimore, and many responded to go to the inner Harbor. I also had one suggestion from a great friend that said, hey, isn’t the Edgar Allen Poe house in Baltimore?   

Edgar Allen Poe? I love him! He is one of my all-time favorite writers, hence the quote in a previous post. I set my GPS to his house/museum coordinates and when we arrived I was so excited to see the place.   

Dun Dun duhhhhh. What. Seriously? It’s in the middle of section 8 housing. Seriously. This may look like a nice photograph, but I was tempted to stay in the car. Across the street there were crumbling buildings. The sidewalks were littered and there was a liquor store in both corners.   

I was so sad that such a remarkable place was being overcome with such ruin. But such is life.   

Hark the Raven: watch your back.


Apparently they have tours, but the place didn’t open until noon and didn’t appear to have air conditioning so I did not want to wait around for fear of being caught in some sort of drug bust.   

crumble. crumble.


After checking into the hotel, it was noted that the Lacrosse college championships were being held in Baltimore that day, so we were surrounded by thousands of stick toting super fans as we walked the 6 blocks down to Inner Harbor. All the Duke Lacrosse shirts made me giggle.   

Inner Harbor was beautiful.   



The harbor was surrounded by restaurants, shops, performers, tour boats and one bad ass aquarium.   

We chose to walk around and walk around and walk around until 3PM where we chose to go back to the hotel and nap. Those few hours spent in the harbor were my favorite, because it was relaxing to realize that with so much stuff to do there, I didn’t have to do anything. It wasn’t one of my many trips that I had over-planned and scheduled down to the minute. We could jump on a boat and take a tour at any minute, or just simply go get a Chipotle burito (which we did! Good choice!)   

So if you are ever in Baltimore, grab a snack and sit by the harbor on a bench. Feed the damn birds. Because standing in the 3 hour line to go into the aquarium may be fun, but getting time to let your mind go blank is priceless (or $6 if said snack is a burito). 

the view.

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My view, NYC.


If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.  ~Edgar Allan Poe

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The quirky journey that is life. I’ve had 125 visitors. Yay. That’s not a lot, but you must have found it on your own, since I’ve only told 3 tight-lipped souls about this.  

So here is an artsy photo.


Thanks for looking. 

Update: 5/5/2010. I have now told 4 people. Katie, you know who you are. And now everyone else does too…

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