I cheated on you, WordPress. It was only for a while and I promise it didn’t mean anything to me. I went over to Square Space to blog, and while I liked their format, they were a bit too needy for me ($15 or more a month).

You are what I love, WordPress. I will continue to shower you with love in the form of posts, unless something younger and fresher comes along… in which I promise to only look and not to touch, unless you are into that sort of thing.

took some time off to become a farmer

More posts to come, sorry for the break!  Thank you to my loyal fans for sticking with me! By loyal fans, I mean my dad and that guy from Russia.

My dad has this thing for Jared Leto. I couldn’t explain it, and neither could he. I made fun of him for a while, until he gave me a copy of the new 30 seconds to mars CD. Then I understood.

While I loved the CD, I wasn’t quiet turned on to the cult experience… yet. My dad had been to concerts with his girlfriends. Friends that are girls. He’s not a playa he just crushes a lot. Being 55 I often wondered how he fit in. Did he stick out in the sea of teenagers? He came back with black t-shirts with skulls on them. He’d send me videos and posts to my facebook about them. I was beginning to worry.

My sister, so graciously, got my dad and I a pair of tickets for their January show in Louisville, Kentucky. I love going to concerts, especially ones emphasising crowd interaction. I had been to Girl Talk a few weeks before this and I danced my ass off. I was really excited.

We pulled up to the venue. It was a warehouse in a flea market. Jared loves playing small stages my father insisted, he sells them out. I could totally see that, by the incredibly long line forming around the building. It was 7PM and the doors were opening. It was 30 degrees outside.

It took is 55 minutes to get into the door.

Once inside I was faced with many choices: wait in line for the bathroom or pee on myself? Watch the warm up band on the other stage or stake out a spot to stand for the concert? Go get a drink or pee on myself? It was a long drive and I had a lot of soda. The crowd was  a mix of young and old, boys and girls, loose jeans and skinny jeans.  Lots of black t-shirts.

After finally finding a bathroom and a decent spot to stand, the warm up band came on at 8:30, rocked it, and were off the stage by 9. I was so ready to see 30STM. It had been a long day of driving, then standing, and all I wanted to do was move around and sing the songs. 9:10. 9:25. 9:37. 952. Seriously, where were they? Just when I was about to give up, buckle in my knees and sit on the trashy ground… 10:02, on they came.

oh hey, are you pointing at me?

The crowd moved inward. We were all smashed against each other. My attention focused on my poor father, who must have been crushed by the moving crowd. Not only was he fine, he was jumping up and down like a maniac. And then, so was I. It was only 3 songs into the set when I knew I had to be closer. I turned around, the tallest man the room was standing behind me. He was like the Yao of hipsters. I whispered in his ear, and within seconds he had lifted me up and I was tossed on top of the crowd. I floated away toward the stage. I was the first crowd surfer of the concert.

I had never done that before. I have no idea what came over me. It just felt awesome. I was tossed to the front of the stage and was lifted over the railing by security. They set me down. I was now in the in-between. To my left, the stage. To my right, the crowd. In front of me, a row of security and hot girl groupies. While security tossed a lot of the surfers back, they let me stay. The groupies cuddled up with me and sang every song at the top of my lungs. Most of them didn’t know the words.

between a rock and a hard place

For the final number, Jared Leto picked a bunch of fans to join him on stage. There I was in my white leather jacket, on stage with Jared Leto. I waved to my dad somewhere in the crowd. We are going to remember this moment for the rest of our lives! yelled the 26-year-old dude next to me. I wasn’t sure who he was talking to, but I was totally agreeing with him in my head. I stood between the bass player and the drummer, and in my mind, maybe in life too, Jared Leto totally made eye contact with me a few times. And he definitely waved to me as he left the stage (thats true).

come here, Kelly

Best. Night. Ever.

p.s. has anyone seen my dad?


Oh, my poor neglected little blog. I am so sorry I haven’t written. The weather has been miserable and to be honest, I don’t even want to get out of my car. However, I did finally have an adventure last week!

My friend and I got into the car and hit the GPS to the nearest antique mall. After passing several in some sketchy neighborhoods, we found ourselves on the top of the hill in Mt. Adams. A photo shoot followed


Cincinnati Girl


After jumping back into the car, we finally found a place we could get excited about. Here are some of the treasures we looked through:


a painting of Mark Twain



old 1950s jacket



stuffed polar bear from 1970

lots of fun junk


We didn’t buy anything, but it was a great way to spend a Sunday. And finally, I had an adventure.

Travel Hacking

I’ve been a lazy adventure seeker lately and I have had enough. For a quick pick-me-up, I have been googling my dream destinations to find tips and tricks on how to get there faster and cheaper. Still Dreaming of Thailand and New Zealand!

I came across several articles about Travel Hacking. Travel Hacking is the unique process of acquiring frequent flyer miles from credit cards, trips, deals and otherwise to earn free flights to your dream destinations. Most sites claim you can earn up to 200,000 miles in a year without ever having to fly. I am now obsessed with researching this process but I am skeptical on acquiring so many credit cards, being able to keep track of the payments, (most credit cards that give rewards have an annual fee after 1 year, so I would want to cancel within that year), being able to keep track and book tickets on the variety of airlines, some not even in my area (Thai Air) and having to book only 1 way tickets. Also, who has the time? I wish I did.

Since I usually fly Delta via CVG, I have only Delta Skymiles in terms of reward miles earned. I flew American Airlines once and have about 3K of miles from them, all of which expire in January… doubt I’ll even get to use them. Still, it’s an interesting site to visit as Chris is attempting to visit every country in the world and blogs about his travels. Like me, only a million times better.

Here is my current mileage situation:

American Airlines: 3,000 miles

Delta Skymiles: 71,000 miles  (25,000 bonus earned through American Express CC)

Hilton Honors points: 125,000

I also earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on my American Express, but that only rewards me with Delta Miles. I do not even know if those would get me international travel, but I have my hopes.

Just thought I’d pass along the information. Happy Travel Hacking!