Oh, my poor neglected little blog. I am so sorry I haven’t written. The weather has been miserable and to be honest, I don’t even want to get out of my car. However, I did finally have an adventure last week!

My friend and I got into the car and hit the GPS to the nearest antique mall. After passing several in some sketchy neighborhoods, we found ourselves on the top of the hill in Mt. Adams. A photo shoot followed


Cincinnati Girl


After jumping back into the car, we finally found a place we could get excited about. Here are some of the treasures we looked through:


a painting of Mark Twain



old 1950s jacket



stuffed polar bear from 1970

lots of fun junk


We didn’t buy anything, but it was a great way to spend a Sunday. And finally, I had an adventure.

Travel Hacking

I’ve been a lazy adventure seeker lately and I have had enough. For a quick pick-me-up, I have been googling my dream destinations to find tips and tricks on how to get there faster and cheaper. Still Dreaming of Thailand and New Zealand!

I came across several articles about Travel Hacking. Travel Hacking is the unique process of acquiring frequent flyer miles from credit cards, trips, deals and otherwise to earn free flights to your dream destinations. Most sites claim you can earn up to 200,000 miles in a year without ever having to fly. I am now obsessed with researching this process but I am skeptical on acquiring so many credit cards, being able to keep track of the payments, (most credit cards that give rewards have an annual fee after 1 year, so I would want to cancel within that year), being able to keep track and book tickets on the variety of airlines, some not even in my area (Thai Air) and having to book only 1 way tickets. Also, who has the time? I wish I did.

Since I usually fly Delta via CVG, I have only Delta Skymiles in terms of reward miles earned. I flew American Airlines once and have about 3K of miles from them, all of which expire in January… doubt I’ll even get to use them. Still, it’s an interesting site to visit as Chris is attempting to visit every country in the world and blogs about his travels. Like me, only a million times better.

Here is my current mileage situation:

American Airlines: 3,000 miles

Delta Skymiles: 71,000 miles  (25,000 bonus earned through American Express CC)

Hilton Honors points: 125,000

I also earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on my American Express, but that only rewards me with Delta Miles. I do not even know if those would get me international travel, but I have my hopes.

Just thought I’d pass along the information. Happy Travel Hacking!


I had hoped it would never come to this, but I have been feeling so lazy lately. I haven’t hit the “attractions” button on my GPS in weeks, and I haven’t eaten anywhere or met anyone new. I am hoping this is just a little bump in the road and that soon the proverbial cogs in my brain will start turning again, motivating me to seek more adventures.

I also wanted to say it’s been a year since I started blogging. I have had 1,300 hits, 3 subscribers and a lot of nice comments.

Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes I feel like I am just typing into space, which is nice too, but it’s cool to know I’ve had some readers.

Tomorrow is a new day! Hopefully an adventure awaits!


yes, awesome.


It’s called Cave City, Kentucky.

Once a place filled with mysterious and beautiful caves ready for fun family exploration, is now a ring-a-ding tourist town with everything from miniature golf to Dinosaur World!

I drove into Cave City on my way to I’m not telling where I was going and found it wildly amusing.

To my left, Bob’s Mystery House. $1 admission gets you in to see amazing oddities. I stayed in my car. They were selling rocks in the parking lot. Rocks.

I also passed Kentucky Down Under, an Australian outback themed park that offers cave tours and a view of exotic animals in the summer, and sits there like a hut in the winter. Like today, I walked in, and they looked like they hadn’t seen anyone there in months. I took a brochure and walked out. The sign said, Come in and meet a Kangaroo! But her face said, What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know animals go somewhere else in the winter? Crazy… you can tour our cave though!    No thanks.




seriously... wtf


Interesting people they have around these parts. I saw this driving down the highway. Yep. That’s 6 legs sticking up in the air.
Either that’s a mutant deer, or they have already chewed away the other two legs from the fresh kill.
Deer Jesus, I mean, Dear Jesus, I need to get away from here.
Off of the next exit, I found another treasure.
I was greeted by the sharp-toothed T-Rex at the intersection of kitschy and uncomfortable. He was looking rather dapper.


Now that was it.
Mammoth Cave just happens to be the longest running cave system in the world. THE WORLD. It is a beautiful place and a National State Park. It should be respected! Isn’t that enough to make you want to visit it? The beauty of it all? The wonder you can feel when standing at the base of something so big? The joy you will feel looking at the photos from your educational family vacation?

parting words

Nope. We need diners and bumper cars!

I even took a little drive past on my way home just so I could rationalize my anger. And then literally, LITERALLY… I saw a chicken, cross the road, right in front of me.
Ohhhhhh, its all a big joke, huh?
The town was mocking me.
Have fun, Cave City.  
You really shocked me.


I miss it already.

I was in Warren, New Jersey this week for a training class that ended every day at 4:30. Being everydayadventuregirl, it was impossible for me to stay put when I was miles away from my favorite place on Earth. I had to go into the city.

On Monday, it was raining cats and homeless people outside. It was 40 degrees and it was dark and gloomy. I didn’t care. I, very much alone I might add, boarded the New Jersey Transit at 6:16 to take the hour-long ride into the city.

At first I was a little scared. This wasn’t exactly the nicest area and I was didn’t have a clue which way to board onto the train. I was determined not to look touristy as I purchased my ticket, thinking I would be safer if I looked like I was local. So I swiped my card and selected without fully reading. Alas, I got my ticket and moved up the dirty escalator and onto the platform.  I took a seat between two women. One was actually a man, and the other was wearing a shower cap. No big deal.

While my brain begged me to turn around and go back, my heart was racing around the thought of running around New York again. It had been months.

nap time

The train ride was so boring. I had little battery left on my phone and I wasn’t going to waste it searching facebook or texting friends, even though every part of my being wanted me to. Who knows what kind of emergency I might have needed it for later?

I people watched a bit. A lot  of people were snoozing or listening to their loud, angry music. One man was shouting into the phone about his divorce. He had absolutely no filter.

I wrote some jokes too. Most of which were crap but I ended up liking one or two.

Finally, I arrived at Penn Station a little after 7. After staring at a subway map for 10 minutes, I decided to take a cab. I was familiar with the area enough to know it wouldn’t cost that much and it was way more comfortable. I went to my favorite stores in the fashion district, then I ran around searching for something to each. When I reached the NYU student housing I realized I had been there before, and The Comedy Cellar was right around the corner.

Hey, I know you....

I checked the board of performers. Myq Kaplan! I love him! There were a few other big names and some I had never heard of.

“Table for one please.”

 It is pretty embarrassing but I am comfortable enough with myself to not care what people might think of that phrase. I have fun by myself. I crack myself up. I didn’t mind  being stuck in the corner alone so I could laugh, eat nachos and drink in peace. 

As it turns out, there was already a gentlemen in the corner with his table for one, so they sat us together. Kurt was from London. He is a museum curator and was just in Columbus, Ohio for an exhibit. His friend bailed on their New York plans so he was also alone in the city and hoping to make the most of the night. So we chit-chatted and I adored his accent. I think I scared him with my horrible table manners and my snorting laughs. He was a nice fella.

The show was great. I had been to The Comedy Cellar before (see previous posts) but it was interesting to see how a weekday show played out. The audience was decent and the comics experimented with new jokes.


I got up around 10:50 because it was getting late and I still had to make my way back to Jersey. I took a wrong turn and ended up in the restaurant above the club, where several comics were hanging out.

I was approached by a male comic, who told me to sit down and have a drink. He was with his manager and when I told him I was also a comic, he asked to hear one of my jokes.

Seriously? How did this opportunity just fall into my lap? Thank you Lord, and thank you mom for making me blonde.

He liked it.

We talked for a few minutes longer and he gave me some good advice, “Just be the comic you would like to be. Don’t pay attention to what others want you to be because it doesn’t matter.”

I excused myself before it got weird and thanked him for the advice. I also emailed him on the way home to thank him again. I’d send him a card, but I think he got the point.

I was on cloud 9 the whole ride home. I didn’t even mind the smell.

The next night, I drove to Astoria in Queens where 3 of my comic friends from Cincinnati lived. They moved to New York a few months ago and were already doing big things.

Having spent 2 hours in the Lincoln Tunnel on the way there, I was so exhausted when I pulled up. To perk me up, we went out on the roof of their apartment to see the view.

How gorgeous is that?

It looked like a hole was ripped through the sky because of the light.

Dave Waite and I

After the photo shoot on the roof, we ordered a pizza and watched 30 Rock on DVD. I could get used to this.

We drove a few blocks to a local wine bar to do a comedy show. I was 3rd on stage and since they had never heard my material before, the audience gave me a great response. One of the comics insisted that I move to New York right away. She is my new best friend. Seriously. It was a great night. Am I being concieded? Maybe. A little. Ah, I don’t care. No one reads this.

We stayed a little longer, and I chatted with my new friends about the scene there. I am so envious and proud of them all at the same time, for really putting themselves out there to live their dreams.

the wolf pack

Maybe I will be there one day, or maybe I will never make it out of Ohio. Either way I am having a fun time, and I seriously love where I am at in my life.
We went back to their apartment where we thawed a cheesecake that had been sent to the boys from Cincinnati via mail.
I can’t wait to go back and do it all again.