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There is a new TV show that I am currently obsessed with. It is called “Who do you think you are?” and it traces the heritage and ancestry of various stars of the silver screen, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Brooke Shields. Having used Hulu.com to watch all the episode I missed, I came to question my very heritage after learning that Spike Lee could have been a possible relative to his own great great great great grandfather’s slave master. Anything is possible.     

I was in search for something cool. I got the 14 day free trial from ancestry.com and began to research and I traced my relatives back to Germany, Prussia, one relative was born at sea, and another was a distant relative to Theresa Neumann, who was a famous saint who claims to have had the stigmata…   wowza.     

German Night


With my blonde hair, blue eyes and fair complexion, I knew my homes of being a descendant of Pocahontas were short-lived, but I was excited to see a little mix of English and French flair in my bloodline. I even saw census records and military enlistment documents of my great ancestors. I come from a pretty baller family. I need to embrace that.     

So being 99.9% German and living in Zinzinnati, where German heritage flourished in the 1800s and 1900s, I am super excited for Oktoberfest, happening this month.     

The Cincinnati Reds celebrated German Heritage night on Friday and we were given cute little shirts to wear. But being everydayadventuregirl, I went to step further to add my own pigtails, skirt and German hat I purchased last Oktoberfest and had yet had the opportunity to wear. What’s that, opportunity? You’re-a-knockin? Here I come.     

so cute


The festivities began with a dance on the field by cute little children dressed in adorable German garb. Even Gapper, the Cincinnati Reds mascot, had on his German apparel.     

The night rolled around into the 12th inning as the Reds struggled to turn the tie into a win.      

I was sitting next to the bull pen when I heard the phone ring and saw the crowd break into a thunderous roar as Chapman finished warming up and took the mound.      

Reds win. Awesome night to be a German.      


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