I was just informed it has been a year since I updated my blog. 

This was not news to me. The exact amount of time that passed was, but the fact that there was a piece of material here on the internet festering and aging and gathering dust was always in my mind. “I have to get around to updating that blog,” I would say, before deciding to get on Pintrist to look at blogs I liked much better than my own. I guess I figured that no one really noticed. 

A lot has happened in a year. Vine was invented and instagram lets you put videos on there now. That’s pretty much it. 

I am going to start updating this now. Right after I get done pinning these wreaths on my “craft’s I’ll never do” board. 

ps. Its been a while since you’ve seen me. I look like this now. 




I have moved to


Sometimes we all just need to take a break from life, ya know? We need to indulge in some “me time”. When I do this it usually involves one of 3 elements: old movies, ice cream and laying around with my dog. This combination makes for a comforting weekend, but recently I discovered a fourth element.

The blanket fort.

comes highly recommended

Push two chairs together, drape a blanket over then, add pillows, a comforter and a very sleepy 25 year old.

my weekend home

I must have stayed in this thing for hours. I watched a few of my favorites, some not listed under the “Movie’s I love” tab above. I treated myself to some “12 Angry Men” and some episodes of “I Love Lucy”. I ate dinner in this thing. It slowly became my cocoon. Eventually I had to rejoin society, but I did get in plenty of bonding time with my lab, Colonel.

Need some time alone? Two words: Blanket. Fort.


I performed with Rob Little and Andy Woodhull at The Funnybone. 

I drive a lot of Kentucky back roads for my job. Sometimes I am stuck in my car for 4 or 5 hours without a break which, as you could imagine, makes me go bonkers. That’s why I am always exited when I see a park or nature attraction I can pull over to marvel at while I wait for the feeling to come back into my legs.

This week I stopped up and took a hike in Natural Bridge State Park. The landmark map said it would only be a mile away from where I parked my car, but it failed to mention it was 100% uphill so it took me nearly 30 minutes in my office flats to reach the top of this monster.

This rock formation naturally forms a bridge, thus the highly literal name.

under the bridge

Once you reach the bottom of the bridge, you have the option to either pass out from exhaustion or try to climb to the top. I decided to climb the top. On my way up I saw a family coming down off of the top of the bridge, a bridge having no walls or railings or fall protection on any side, with their infant baby in the mother’s arms. Parents of the year!

To get to the top you have to squeeze through a tiny, narrow passageway. If I hadn’t have lost 8 lbs trying to climb the mountain I may not have fit.

good luck fatties

It was totally worth it to see the view from the top. I do not know when the bridge was formed or even how (I stopped reading the educational signs once they mentioned what to do if  you see a bear) but it was nothing short of wonderful.

"That cloud looks like a moose"

I took a ton of photos of the beautiful view, but I like this one the best. These two were cuddling up and spending the day looking at the scene. I was super jealous and wish I had someone there to share it with, but its totally ok because I get to share it now with all of you!

Another great Kentucky attraction I got to see a few months ago was Cumberland Falls. I never knew there was a waterfall in Kentucky, let alone one that creates a Moonbow (a rainbow visible at night). In fact, it is the only Moonbow attraction in this hemisphere. So take that, every other state!

There it is. Now, time to go drive again.